The Student Rights Project (SRP) at the University of Michigan is an interdisciplinary student organization of Law, Social Work, & Education students advocating for K-12 students facing suspension and expulsion. In partnership with the Student Advocacy Center of Michigan, we train University of Michigan graduate students to advocate for the rights of students across Southeast Michigan.


In addition to advocating for students in disciplinary hearings, SRP advocates also:

  • support community outreach and youth development work;
  • lobby for youth-centered and restorative school discipline policies and laws;
  • provide targeted special education support for students facing disciplinary exclusion due to disability related behaviors;
  • engage in non-hearing advocacy in disciplinary matters; and
  • host and attend events designed to educate the university and larger community about the school-to-prison pipeline in Michigan and best practices to oppose it.

We are thrilled that you are interested in our advocacy work, and we invite you to reach out to our organization to see how you, too, can work with us to advocate for Michigan’s students.